This Blog May Inspire You but Motivation Is another Story

Image When I was a teenager, about 2 out of 3 kids my age had tried smoking cigarettes and about 1 of 5 kids smoked cigarettes every day. Many of my family members smoked. Most of my friends smoked. I tried smoking. The reason I don’t smoke today was a boy I’ll call Mike. One day I was with my friends and I was trying to catch Mike’s attention, so I lit up a cigarette. Mike did notice me but he was not impressed! He yelled, “Gross! Who wants to kiss a girl who tastes like an ashtray?” I stomped out that cigarette and ne... Read More

How to Use Genomics to Prevent Cancer in Early stages

Image Certain cancers can be prevented by knowing a patient’s family history of cancer or which genetic mutations they carry. About 5%–10% of breast cancers and 10%–15% of ovarian cancers are due to inherited changes in genes. For example, everyone has BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Normally, these genes help fix damaged DNA. But mutations in these genes cause them to function incorrectly and prevent damaged DNA from being fixed correctly, leading to cancer. A w... Read More

New Advances in Cancer Prevention

Image Advances in Cancer Prevention Journal aims to disseminate knowledge and promote discussion through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality research papers on all topics related to Cancer. The open access journal is published by Omics that hosts open access peer-reviewed journals as well as organizes International scientific Conferences. The Journal is successfully running in the 4th Volume which covers a wide variety of specialties including... Read More

Resveratrol and Breast Cancer study

Image Researchers demonstrate that resveratrol, the ingredient which is found in red wine, prevents the growth of breast cancer cells by stopping the growth effects of estrogen. These study results suggest that resveratrol is capable of counteracting the malignant progression as it suppresses the spreading of hormone resistant breast cancer cells. The discovery has significant implications for treating breast cancer in women whose tumours at some point develop a resista... Read More

Trends in Advances in Cancer Prevention

Image Advances in Cancer Prevention is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that reflects articles on all types of chemically distinctive therapeutic and toxic cells. The journal welcomes submissions from all related fields to the cancer vaccines and prevention methods including early detection of cancer cells. Articles will be also considered from related analysis from Cancer Vaccines, Chemotherapy, Radioactive Iodine Therapy, Mamography, Chemoprevention, aromatase inhibitors, Scintimammography, Sumoylation, Dietry Supplements, Cancer Screening, Cancer and Nutrition, Exercise and Cance... Read More